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Q1) Consider the relational database described in Problem 1. Give expressions in tuple relational calculus and domain relational calculus for each of the following queries:

(a) Find the names of all employees who work for company C2 and earn more than $70,000 annually.

(b) Find the names of all employees who are not managers.

(c) Find all the companies that have offices in all the cities in which company C2 has an office.

Reference no: EM1364471

Find maximum salary of employees from database table

Find the maximum salary of all employees who are not managers. Give all the managers in the database a 10 percent salary raise. Give all the other employees a 5 percent salar

Find bcnf decomposition of relation schema

Consider a relation schema r(A,B,C,D,E, F) and a set of functional dependencies {A BCD,BCDE,BD,DA}.  Determine whether or not (A,E, F) is in BCNF and justify your answer. I

Use of dictionary-managed tablespaces in database

our current database uses dictionary-managed tablespaces. In running various performance tuning scripts, you have discovered that one of these tablespaces seems to have r

Convert table to 3nf and represent answer in dbdl

Convert the table to 3NF. Represent your answer in DBDL. (i.e. Give table name and fields. Underline the primary key. Draw an entity-relationship diagram showing all re

Find names of students who have higher gpa from table

List the students ID, name, GPA, and course Number such that all students have GPA greater than 3 . 5 and enrolled in a course in Jan 1, 2011. Find the names of all studen

Compare two non-sequential file structure models

Compare the two non-sequential file structure models. What advantages does the first one have over the second and what advantages does the second have over the first?

List course along with names of students from database table

List the courses (D-code and C-no), along with the names of the students who are currently taking them. List all the courses (D-code and C-no) that John (i.e., S-Name=''John''

Explain denormalized table in normal form

The DBA denormalized some of the data in the Premiere Products database to improve performance. Which field or fields cause the table to no longer be in third normal form? In


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