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[Note: The image, audio, and video projects will be embedded in your website and counted as part of your final digital portfolio. And all projects, including the website itself, will include an accompanying "artist statement" in which you will discuss your goals and compositional choices. Click on the project names below for detailed instructions and guidelines.]

Image Adaptation Project: For this project, you will be selecting an iconic image or logo that is associated with a particular place. Using Photoshop, you must create at least three different adaptations of this image or logo. Each of your manipulated images should have a distinct rhetorical purpose or message.

Sonic Memory Project: This project asks you to create an original sonic composition (a podcast, soundscape, etc.) that explores the relationship between sound, place, and memory. You might choose to focus on music or environmental sound; or perhaps craft a reflective audio essay; or compose an oral history project. Your particular approach to this assignment is entirely up to you. We will be listening to examples and talking about various possibilities in class.

Documentary Video Project: For your final media project of the term, you will be required to produce (storyboard, film, and edit) a short documentary video that explores the concept of "placing memory." Like the "Sonic Memory Project," the focus of this documentary is flexible: you might decide to interview people about their memories of a particular place or site-specific event; you might explore why it is that memories and places are so intertwined through a concrete example (perhaps referencing course readings); you might highlight a personal or larger cultural experience involving memory and place. We will be studying documentary form and style in class, as well as discussing different options for your projects.

Reference no: EM13973903

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