Explore ways health information technology can promote

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Big problems require Big Data to support the need for Big Action to promote Big Health Outcomes/Results

Assignment Criteria

Paper should be approximately 4-5 pages, (not including title or reference pages). It is to be written in APA format. A minimum of five (5) peer reviewed sources must be cited for this paper.

site as "Courtesy: Community Commons,

https://www.communitycommons.org "

The following information needs to be included in the paper:

Introduce health related issue identified from Community Commons report. Please cite the Community Commons report per APA style.

Explore ways health information technology can promote improved quality outcomes for the health related issue.

Discuss how health information technology can create value to individuals, organization, communities and/or society.

Discuss the role of nursing to insightfully and innovatively design, develop, manage and use information technology.

Reference no: EM131378224

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