Explore the two major groups of ethical theories

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In the unit Discussion, you will explore the two major groups of ethical theories called consequentialist (teleological) and nonconsequentialist (deontological) theories. There are multiple theories in each category that you will be able to address in the unit Discussion. These theories will serve as the foundation for all future discussions and assignments for the course. Having an opportunity to discuss these with your instructor and peers will help you understand how to use them to address ethical issues and questions.

Your instructor will share a prompt as the first post on this Discussion. Read the question posted by the instructor and then hit "Respond" to post your reply to that question in an original response.

In addition to your posted answer, be sure to comment on at least two of your classmates' posts and participate regularly. Responses to others can come in many forms. Please see Discussion Expectations in the Course Announcement.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Are there certain moral absolutes that we should all live by? Answer this question using at least one consequentialist theory and one non-consequentialist theory.

REQUIREMENTS: Please keep in mind that in addition to your initial post, you also must respond substantially to the posts of at least two classmates (three posts at minimum). You should write at least 200 words in your initial post and then you should reply with content and detail to the posts of two classmates. Aim for at least four sentences in each post to your peers, building the Discussion with references to the Reading, application in your life, or other information to help share your perspective.

Please only write 200 words and make sense of it. 

Reference no: EM13760486

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