Explore and explain changes to individual behaviour

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Explore and explain changes to individual behaviour that may occur during the processes of team formation and development, through the group state and finally to a high-performing team. Discuss external influences that may drive the team formation process and the impact on the organisation as the group progressed to a functioning team

To complete this assignment, you will need to:

• Have a sound understanding of a chosen model of the team development process and its impact on the behaviour of team members; the concepts, principles and assumptions underpinning the frameworks and the theoretical implications they have for management practices.

• Focus on the behaviour change of individuals when considering the external influences and the impact on the organisation as the team comes together and begins to perform to a high standard.

• Submit a written assignment (via Moodle) of 2000 words that conforms to scholarly standards and UBSS assessment protocols no later than the conclusion of the class on 6th October.

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Reference no: EM13847133

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