Explanation of whether an independent-samples

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Can you provide a real world example, a simple one would be sufficient. I need to see the steps to it and how you arrived at it.

The real-world situation or problem you selected to address, the independent and dependent variables you would study, an explanation of whether an independent-samples or related-samples t test is most appropriate, the statistical null and alternative hypotheses, a description of what information the effect size would tell you that the probability value would not tell you, and your hypothetical results using correct APA format.

Reference no: EM13489436

Calculate the equilibrium potential of the calcium

Calculate the equilibrium potential of the calcium (Ca++) ion. The intercellular concentration of Ca++ is 0.0003 mM (millimolar) and it's extracellular concentration is 10 mM.

Describe a learned food aversion

Describe a learned food aversion that you experienced. If you haven't experienced a food aversion, interview someone who has. Show how the principles of classical conditioning

Create a mock application to a grant funding institution

If you were to create a mock application to a grant funding institution.. what would it be? the topic also has to deal with ways to keep, build or make peace by decreasing str

Option to post without using your real name

Recently the option to post without using your real name was removed and switch out to using either nickname or real name. When was this done, why was this done, and how can w

Design for two between-subjects experiments

Lay out the design for two between-subjects experiments: a) an experiment involving an experimental group and a control group, and b) a factorial design with three independent

Life personally-spiritually and professionally

What steps are you now taking to build a lasting network that will cultivate ongoing success in your life? During a day such as Martin Luther King Day or any other holiday, ho

Addressing the aims and in personal thoughts and reflections

This answers need to come out of the following book ( Psychology 10th edition by David G. Mayers. Chapter 15) ¾ Clarity in addressing the aims and methods of psychoanalysis.

Identify effective treatments for minimizing jet lag

Imagine that you have just received a research grant to identify effective treatments for minimizing jet lag. You have examined the existing research and have noted three su


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