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Contract administration involves those activities performed by government officals after a contract has been awarded to determine how well the government and the contractor performed to meet the requirements of the contract. Review the GAO Testimony: "Contract and Project Management Concerns at the National Nuclear Security Administration and Office of nvironmental Management" GAO-09-406T, March 4, 2009

1) How would one explicate and evaluaate the importance of roles and responsibilities of contracting officers and administrator?.

2) How would one explicate and evaluate the importance of improving methods of creating contract schedules.?

3) Utilizing the information in the situation to develop a policy that explains the role that the contract officer should have played in the dealings between the government and the contractor from the time the contract was awarded through completion of the work?

4) Compare the contract administration and project management of the National Nuclear Security Administration and the Office Of Environmental Management and recommend how each agency could have improved its effectiveness in the areas of contract administration and project management.

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