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Need a 250 word on the following:

In Genesis 39, Joseph- a man of power and influence- refuses to compromise his morals, ethics and integrity and is paid back harshly by man. Compare this with the Lord's attitude toward Joseph's behavior.

Combine this with Proverbs 29:25 to explain your views on the responsibility of public servants in the criminal justice system to understand the importance of ethical behavior.

Discuss police corruption and appropriate responses by administrators. We also look at law and legal professionals and the ethical challenges faced.

Chapter 7

1. Provide examples of two types of police misconduct: economic corruption and abuse of authority.

2. Describe individual explanations of corruption and potential solutions.

3. Explain organizational explanations of corruption and potential solutions.

4. Describe societal explanations of corruption and potential solutions.

Chapter 8

1. Describe the justifications for law, including protections against harm to others, offensive conduct, harm to self, and harm to societal morals.

2. Explain the role of law in society and the paradigms that have developed to understand how law is formed and enforced.

3. Compare the idea of our criminal law system as an adversarial system to other descriptions of how the courtroom works and the relationships between the legal professionals.

4. Discuss the controversy concerning the role of advocate as legal agent or moral agent.

5. Describe the history and source of legal ethics for attorneys and judges. Explain the types of ethical rules that exist and compare them to the subculture of winning.

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we can achieve better results in the society only when the personal ethics get coupled with the professional ethics. So every public servants whether they are police, lawyer, or a judge should follow their professional ethics giving less importance to corruption can build a better society with peace and justice. It is the responsibility of public servants to protect the fundamental rights of every citizen.

Reference no: EM132280907

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