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Question: Answer one of the following questions in 3-4 pages (1000 words) typed double spaced using class notes, your book or outside sources you have looked up during the course of the last section. Include in your essay a well developed introduction which explains your topic and how you will address it, a hypothesis which clearly states the purpose and issue of your essay, a body of facts which will be used to define and explain your interpretation and a conclusion which analyses your major points and addresses alternative arguments.

1. Explain the differences between the Hamiltonian Vision and the Jeffersonian Vision for America in the Early Republic as key factors in the causes of the Civil War.

2. How did the adoption of industrial patterns and manufacturing in the North lead to the Civil War?

3. Explain how the States' Rights philosophy of the Southern Planter Class was a major cause of the Civil War?

Reference no: EM132185291

Consider the five aspects of language knowledge

Consider the five aspects of language knowledge and explain how their development contributes to a child’s success in school, at home and in social situations. Discuss how b

Discuss millmore approach to recruitment practices

Organizations that recognize the need for change, plan on growth and development, and prepare a strategic recruiting plan seem to be those that are most ready to thrive duri

Human nutrition and nutrition expert

If someone presents him/herself as a nutrition expert, how would you evaluate his/her credentials and the information he/she provides?

Explain the impact of the mixed ideological foundation

Identify the aspects of the policy that reflect a conservative perspective and the aspects that reflect a liberal perspective.Explain the impact of the mixed ideological found

Draw force-separation plot to a typical bonding

Draw Force-separation plot to a typical bonding. Label your plot. Express the equilibrium separation as a function of atomic radius for a FCC solid. Identify a materails prope

What is most likely outcome of this intervention

In an effort to lower age at which his infant son will begin to walk, Mr. Simmons puts 8-month-old Richard on a program that emphasizes leg strength. What is most likely out

Review the intruding ima and the falsified report case study

Review the Intruding Ima and the Falsified Report case study in the Appendix of Justice Administration. Assume the role of the police chief or sheriff. Prepare a 10- to 15-

Society thought that the fingerprint was the magic key

Many thought that DNA was the ultimate answer, but most crimes don't involve DNA evidence. Remember that once upon a time, society thought that the fingerprint was the magic k


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