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Question: Answer one of the following questions in 3-4 pages (1000 words) typed double spaced using class notes, your book or outside sources you have looked up during the course of the last section. Include in your essay a well developed introduction which explains your topic and how you will address it, a hypothesis which clearly states the purpose and issue of your essay, a body of facts which will be used to define and explain your interpretation and a conclusion which analyses your major points and addresses alternative arguments.

1. Explain the differences between the Hamiltonian Vision and the Jeffersonian Vision for America in the Early Republic as key factors in the causes of the Civil War.

2. How did the adoption of industrial patterns and manufacturing in the North lead to the Civil War?

3. Explain how the States' Rights philosophy of the Southern Planter Class was a major cause of the Civil War?

Reference no: EM132185291

What are your ideology prospect for future political success

What are your ideology's prospects for future political success? Do you anticipate that the percentage of adults/ registered voters aligned with the same political ideology

Reflecting on wisdom

Describe the attributes that are commonly associated with wise people. Identify a person (Past or Present) who you believe to be wise. This can be a person you have known in

Are there any limits to the guidance scientific inquiry

How essential is the study of the biological basis of human nature to the study of moral and political philosophy? Are there any limits to the guidance scientific inquiry in

Discuss thoughts to de crevecoeur letters from an american

Readers have been interested in St John de Crevecoeur's writings as a documentation of life in America at that time and as an idea of what being an American is all about. Mo

Locate and review information on the mission

Select a business and visit its homepage. - Locate and review information on the mission and vision statements pertaining to the company's diversity philosophy and practices.

Explains the reason for seasons on earth

Identify other planets in our solar system that may or may not have seasons and provide an explanation - Include an explanation of aphelion and perihelion in your discussion.

Do you believe his description gives an accurate picture

If you were an Adlerian therapist, which of the five birth order positions do you think would be most challenging to work with? Support your reasoning with some objective fa

Tropical sources of plant-fruits-vegetable and tree crop

Discuss the Tropical sources of plant , fruits, vegetable,tree crop and root crops which are antioxidants rich.in other words which tropical grown crops are antioidant rich.


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