Explain why voluntary transactions improve social welfare

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Explain why voluntary transactions improve social welfare. Can consumers get more or less happiness (holding their income/wealth constant) if they are forced into transactions they don’t want versus being able to choose what transactions they participate in?

Reference no: EM131246871

Cause shift in the supply curve for soda

Which of the following would cause a shift in the supply curve for soda? The local cable TV company is trying to convince you to replace your current “economy” bundle that fea

Describe the cold war approach to reducing nuclear threats

Describe the Cold War approach to reducing nuclear threats. How do ba;;istic missile defense (BMD) system offer an alternative approach? Who have been the strongest advocates

Suppose one economist believes target rate of unemployment

Suppose one economist believes the target rate of unemployment is 4.2 percent while another believes it is 5.3 percent. Using Okun’s rule of thumb, by how much would you expec

Microeconomic and macroeconomic phenomenon

Elucidate an example of a microeconomic and macroeconomic phenomenon. Would you give an example of a microeconomic decision you have made at home or work.

Maintaining constant growth in the money supply

For each of the following statements, specify whether a Keynesian, a monetarist, or a classical economist is most likely to support it, and explain in 1-2 sentences why.  “Dur

How do you expect banana market to adjust in the long-run

After a cyclone banana crops have been destroyed, in response to damaged crops banana prices increased from $2 to $15. How do you expect the Banana market to adjust in the lon

Difference between the present value of the settlement

A brilliant young scientist is killed in a plane crash. It is anticipated that he could have earned $240,000 a year for the next 50 years. The attorney for the plaintiff’s est

Formulate the intercept-slope equation of kaths budget line

Kath has $80 (income M) to spend on pizza (good 1x) and coke (good 2x). The price of a slice of pizza is $4 and the price of a can of coke is $1. Formulate the intercept-slope


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