Explain why it is important to record information

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Q1) You have just received a new computer at work. it runs fast and works great. thinking about the future and the day something might break or fail, make a list of several things you would do right away, before you begin performing any serious work on this machine. for each item , explain why it is important to record this information

Reference no: EM1360163

How the knowledge and skills taught on the module and course

Each student should submit his or her own critical assessment of the coursework. The evaluation should include a discussion on how the coursework has reinforced (or otherwise)

What amounts will be require for ordering supplies

Design a spreadsheet that will enable you to request the required funds from your team's finance officer, order supplies from the home office, and ensure dissemination of ap

Key value of fourth index record on top level

What is the key value of the 4th index record on the top level, assuming each index record points to the record with the highest key value in a block of the next level dow

Analyse and interpret the data

As a research officer you have been asked to summarise, analyse and interpret the data. Exam results are the focus (column A) and you will therefore need to consider the dis

Describe the basic structure of this database

Give an example of a database used (either manual - e.g. a hard copy phone book, or automated/computer based) in your daily life (this can be an example of a database in you

Creating a database design in visio

Creating a Database Design in Visio, the college has provided more information for the database that they want developed:For each student, the college needs to track the stud

Design entity-relationship model of the problem

You are required to design using an E-R diagram an entity-relationship model of the problem, convert the model into a relational model, and assess the normal form of each sc

Protection of network administrator

what you have done as the network administrator to protect the network against such attacks, as well as additional measures to secure the network against worms, viruses, DoS


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