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Find an advertising image that makes an argument. This could be one image from an online advertisement, a billboard, or a page in a magazine or newspaper. It is acceptable to use a modern advertisement or one from an earlier decade.

You may decide. However, aim not to select a video advertisement, as here you will begin your evaluation with one specific image. The conclusion of most advertisements will be to "buy this product," "vote for this candidate," or other actions that may be unstated.

Choose a print advertisement that you find interesting. Describe it to the class with detail so your fellow classmates and instructor can understand the images and words being used.

You may attach the ad into the discussion, but in either case, it is necessary to describe what you see. Next, explain what you see as the premises and conclusion from this ad.

Explain why you decided each element was a premise or a conclusion. Which images and words lead you to label the argument as you do?

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Reference no: EM132398534

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