Explain what is the specific heat capacity of the alloy

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A 34.5-g sample of an alloy at 93.0 degrees Celsius is placed into 50.0 g of water at 22.0 degrees Celsius in an insulated coffee-cup calorimeter with a heat capacity of 9.2 J/K. If the final temperature of the system is 31.1 degrees Celsius, what is the specific heat capacity of the alloy?

Reference no: EM13277403

Calculate the freezing point of sea water

For this question imagine that sea water is a 3.5 mass % solution of NaCl with a density of 1.00g/mL. Assume full dissociation of the NaCl. a) Calculate the freezing point o

Explain analytical molar concentrations of ha species

In an aqueous solution that contains 285 mg of trichloroacetic acid (HA), Cl3CCOOH (163.4 g/mol) in 10.0 ml. Calculate: 1) Analytical molar concentrations of HA species

Explain what is the ph of a dilute solution of formic acid

What is the pH of a dilute 0.00336 M solution of formic acid? Formic acid is monoprotic with a Ka of 1.70 x 10-4. You should use the quadratic equation for this one because

Explain what is the overall variance for the analysis

Problem- A quantitative analysis for an analyte gives a mean concentration of 12.6 ppm. The standard deviation for the method is found to be 1.1 ppm, and that due to samplin

What is the cell potential when the concentration of cu2+

Problem- A voltaic cell consists of a Pb/Pb2+ half-cell and a Cu/Cu2+ half-cell at 25 ?C. The initial concentrations of Pb2+ and Cu2+ are 5.10×10?2M and 1.50M , respectively

Explain the concentration of acetic acid in the vinegar

The density of the sample is 1.01 g/mL. The titrant is 1.017 M NaOH. The average volume of titrant required to titrate 25.00 mL subsamples of the vinegar is 20.78 mL. What i

Illustrate an energy diagram for an endothermic reaction

Illustrate an energy diagram for an endothermic reaction. Clearly label 1) each axis 2) the average energy of reactants 3) the average energy of products 4) the activation

Explain an absorbing solution yielded a response

A portable photometer with a linear response top radiation registered 83.2 microamps with a blank solution in the light path. Replacement of the blank with an absorbing solu


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