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Read below and link. Concentrate on reading around the web on what Flash and HTML5 can and cannot do. Draft summary of what you're going to do, this will probably involve developing prototypes for many of the tasks below, so you can check compatibility with different browsers, efficiency etc etc.

'Product' will include these prototypes, also the recommendations for developers.

Research and summarise the capabilities of each development platform.

1. Product for an Advertising campaign, to include easing and interactivity

2. second product for an ad that presents on top - to include either a fold-out or transparent video

3. video (streaming and/or progressive) with captions and initial advert

4. a basic 3D game with synchronized audio

5. a drag and drop learning activity

Systematically evaluate the following for each platform

· capability

· browser support

· time needed

· performance

· portability

Provide recommendations for developers ­in terms of developing within and between each platform.

Programming skills:

in particular, Actionscript and Javascript

Reference no: EM13303913

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