Explain the special issues a mental health practitioner

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When, if ever, is the use of anatomically correct dolls an appropriate tool for interviewing a child in a sex abuse evaluation? Be sure to reference the media, Faller's article, and the article you researched for this discussion. Explain the special issues a mental health practitioner should consider if a child sex abuse evaluation is part of a broader family court evaluation.

Reference no: EM131098175

Rapid growth of near monies had for monetary policy

What possible implicationhas the rapid growth of near monies had for monetary policy? What's some implications of contemporaneous reserve requirements (crr) for monetary polic

The globalization of business and finance

The globalization of business and finance has led to the use of IFRS in most capital markets around the world. IFRS already significantly impacts U.S. companies because of t

Researcher is studying the effects of sex-male and female

A researcher is studying the effects of sex—male and female—and dietary sugar on energy level. Male and female participants agree to follow either a high sugar or low sugar di

Using the criteria of controversiality

Using the criteria of controversiality, clarity, balance, and challenge in setting up arguments, write two propositions sentence for each Controversiality, clarity, balance, a

Issue of the governmental responsibility

How did the ancient Athenian citizen oath address the issue of the governmental responsibility to future generations? How do the theories by Edmund Burke, John Locke and David

Describe each identity and values and assumptions therein

Describe each identity and the values and assumptions therein. Compare and contrast the two identities. What are the similarities between the two? What are the differences?

Discuss the reliability and validity of your instrument

Start with a broad introduction of your study area. Assume that the reader is not familiar with your topic, and include all of the background information necessary to unders

Are regional integration scheme stepping stone globalization

Are regional integration schemes 'stepping stones' or 'stumbling blocks' to globalization? Do you think the European Union project a 'turbo-charged globalization' as some wo


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