Explain the principles relating to contract law

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Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this assignment, students will be able to:

- Illustrate the principles relating to the law of torts; and

- Explain the principles relating to contract law.

The length of the written assignment is to be approximately 2000 Words.

The presentation slides must be in the IRAC method. Maximum 8 slides, and three short points per slide.

Case Option

Pavey & Matthews Pty Ltd v Paul (1987)

Group oral- presentation and visual slides

Identify the facts of the case

Explain the relevant law relating to the case

Discuss the legal arguments raised by the parties in case

Summarise the judgement of the case

Illustrate the role, purpose and scope of the relevant court, or tribunal.

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This task is about law of tort. it is 2000 words task. This report includes introduction about tort, law of tort and law of contracts, discussion about principles of law of torts and contract and conclusion. Referencing is done in Harvard style.

Reference no: EM131034593

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