Explain the positive and negative impacts to society

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Find 2 articles on Social Networking Websites that focus on the positive and negative impacts to society. Write a summary from the information you found in the articles. You will post this on the Class Blog. You need one blog entry for this topic.

Summarize the information found in the articles in 4 full paragraphs. The blog entry should discuss the beneficial impacts and negative effects of the topic, it shouldn't be a review of the articles. The articles are used to find fact-based information about the topic.

This first paragraph of the blog entry should be introduction paragraph where you summarize the information in the articles by discussing key aspects about the articles the reader should know without having to read the entire article.The next two paragraphs of the blog entry should be used to seperately discuss the positive and negative aspects of the the topic; you shouldn't just list the benefits and concerns, but describe some in greater detail. The postive and negative aspects should be discussed in their own separate paragraphs. The last paragraph should discuss your views on the articles and/or topic. The last paragraph is the only part of the blog entry that should contain opinion; the rest needs to contain facts from your sources. You may use additional sources to find more positive and negative aspects. Your articles must come from credible sources with an author, no earlier than 2010, and they should appear in a reputable publication.

Reference no: EM13800203

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