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In this unit, you will communicate a healthcare advocacy plan. Using the information you provided in the Unit 3 Discussion, you will contact either a local healthcare agency (i.e., County Health Department, etc.) or healthcare facility (i.e., clinic, hospital, or nursing home) to research 2-3 healthcare issues affecting the local community. In a memorandum to your local health department, present a healthcare advocacy plan that addresses your researched findings. Explain the issues facing your community, possible methods to alleviate the concern, and how you would ethically advocate for the respective population. You must include five reasons. You are required to research the specific issues presented with credible sources (e.g., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute of Health, Census Bureau, etc.). In a 3-page paper, provide a summary of your findings, including at least 3 credible references to support your memorandum. The county is Broward county florida.

Reference no: EM131046046

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