Explain the importance of responsible alcohol service

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1) Read the following scenario:

Imagine that you are the general manager of a restaurant located in South Beach, Miami. This restaurant is well known for high end service with celebrity chef and prominent customers. Your server (John) comes to you and mentions that a guest is complaining about you alcohol policy. John explains that he refused to server the guests’ son a beer (who is 20 years old – few days shy from his 21st b-day). He further continues that the guests is the CEO of BMW for Europe, spending about $100 per person in the restaurant that day. The guest has also a future reservations to dine in the restaurant, bring few of his clients for business dinner and spending about $10,000 in one night.

2) After reading the scenario, please answer the following questions:

As the General Manager of the restaurant, what would you do in this situation? And Why?

How would you address this situation with your employees in order to avoid future issues like this one?

Explain the importance of responsible alcohol service.

Reference no: EM132234361

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