Explain the gene for sickle cell anemia

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The author of your text describes the gene for sickle cell anemia as being recessive. I prefer to think of it as codominant. What is there about this gene and the way it is expressed that it would best be described as codominant?
What is incomplete dominance?
Describe what is meant by "continuous variation".

Why do recessive X-linked traits occur more often in males than in females?
Explain the difference between Mendel's first law and Mendel's second law.

Why does nondisjunction occurred more frequently in older females? And don't just say that it is because their eggs have been around longer.


Reference no: EM1395612

How will the proteins produced be different

A mutation is found in a tRNA-encoding gene. The wild type allele produces a tRNA that recognizes the codon GAA, and is charged with the amino acid Glutamic acid. How will t

Determine the father in the paternity suit or the rapist

Write a paragraph or two outlining your experience with the problem sets. For example do you now understand the concept behind DNA fingerprinting? Did you find it difficult to

How many new star-bellied sneetches will be added

Suppose that the carrying capacity for star-bellied sneetches in the Who-ville forest is 120,000. How many new star-bellied sneetches will be added to an existing population

Discuss and define motor unit

Discuss and define motor unit and describe how motor units function in recruitment and in maintaining muscle tone. Explain the different types of skeletal muscle fibers.

Creating pedigree chart

Bonnie and David had five children: two boys, both of whom had Menkes disease, and three girls who were all unaffected. Two of the three girls, Rose and Elizabeth, married.

Describe three differences between rna and dna

Describe three differences between RNA and DNA with respect to their chemical composition and structure. Provide a detailed description of each characteristics you chose in

Diagram the electron transport chain

Diagram the electron transport chain and ATP synthesis of oxidative phosphorylation, with specific inclusion of the following terms and concepts: diffusion, active transport,

The possibility the daughter will be red-green colorblind

What is the possibility that - if they have a daughter - the daughter will be red-green colorblind.  How several are born of each genotype.


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