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1. State specific factors that contribute to the abnormal division shown in cancer cells.

2. Give the name of the enzyme that facilitates metastasis of cancer cells.

3. Explain the function of this enzyme.

4. What assumptions did you have about this topic that were confirmed, dismissed or refuted?

Reference no: EM132279929

Determining the genotype of individual

The X gene encodes a transcription factor needed for the activation of C gene. Describe these results and signify the genotypes of all individuals described within this proble

Provide an example of identical roles in the immune system

The human immune system has a lot of back-up plans built into its design. Many cells and other immune components have similar roles. Provide an example of two components tha

What are the chromosomes doing that allow ths to take place

Seedless watermelons have an odd number of chromosomes (3n or 5n) and thus should not have ANY seeds in them. However, sometimes, there are a few fully developed seeds in th

How genes affect the length of hair

Chupacabras are mammals with hair length that varies from no hair to very long. It is known that two genes affect the length of a chupacabra's hair and that the genes have add

What is the importance of membranes in the body

What is the importance of membranes in the body? What are the three types of membranes? Compare and contrast each type. What homeostatic imbalances may occur relating to mem

Economic life of men

It is certain, then, that numerous cases can be observed in the economic life of men in which economic goods have use value and exchange value simultaneously to the economiz

What is its normal function in cells

p53 is a tumor-suppressor gene that is involved in 50% of all cancers. What is its normal function in cells? A.It activates cell growth B.It activates cell death C.It activa

Define how this cell would be activated

define how this cell would be activated the cellular and molecular interaction(s), and the various steps and factors leading to an appropriate immune response to clear the to


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