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Question: Please pick 1 or 2 of Gardner's Intelligences which you find you do well. What are they and what are your strengths in these areas?

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Gardner asked, How is the person smart, not how smart are you? Gardner believes there are at least a minimum of 8 different Intelligences. these do not act alone; they act in concert.

• Musical Intelligence = Skills in tasks involved in music.

• Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence = Skills in tasks involved in using whole or parts of body such as dancers ,athletes, actors, surgeons.

• Logical-Mathematical Intelligence = Skills in problem-solving and scientific thinking.

• Linguistic Intelligence= Skills in production and use of language.

• Spatial Intelligence = skills re: spatial configurations for instance artists and architect

• Interpersonal Intelligence =Skills interacting with others, understanding sensitivity to moods, temperaments, motivations, and intentions of others.

• Interpersonal Intelligence = Knowledge about internal aspects of oneself; access to one's feelings and emotions.

• Naturalistic Intelligence = Ability to identify and classify patterns in nature

2. Enclosed is information about intelligence. Please read the following scenario.

Practical and Emotional Intelligence:

Practical Intelligence produces overall success in living and is used through observation of others' behavior. Emotional Intelligence shows skills that underlie accurate assessment, evaluation, expression of emotions, and regulation of emotions. It is the basis of empathy for others, self-awareness, and social skills. It shows understanding of others' feelings and so can assist others.

Scenario: "An employee who reports to a supervisor that you supervise, has asked to talk with you about waste, poor management practices, and possible violations of company policy and the law on the part of your supervisor. You have been in your position for only a year, but in that time you have had no indications of trouble with that supervisor.

Neither you nor your company has an " open door" policy. It is expected employees take their concerns to their immediate supervisor before bringing the information to others. The employee who wished to meet with you has not discussed the issues with her supervisors because of its delicate nature."

What would you do?

What are your reasons?

Explain the form of intelligence ( practical and/or emotional) you used and how you used it.

Reference no: EM132183543

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