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1. Three days before you are due to depart on your holiday, you hear from a close friend who now lives in Vietnam who invites you to visit and meet her family. She can provide you and your family with accommodation. You are really keen to reunite with this friend and take advantage of this opportunity to see this country. After consultation with your family, you accept her offer and hurriedly make arrangements to extend your trip by one further week to include a visit to Hanoi on your return journey from Europe.

Vietnam requires visas which must be gained prior to entry and for that purpose, you are required to lodge your passports at the Vietnamese Embassy for 2 weeks.

The Vietnamese Government, in reality, offers speedier and more convenient ways to obtain visas however, for the purposes of this assignment you may not use any of these alternative processes. Assume that you are travelling on Australian passports and assume that you and your family will require these visas and that you will need to lodge and leave your passports with the Vietnamese embassy for 2 full weeks.

Re-plan your holiday to include this variation, ensuring that you manage any significant risks associated with changing and extending the holiday.

Provide a revised WBS and schedule for the project including this variation (with the reports limited to 50 - 75 lines).

2. Explain the effects of this change on the planned project, including additional work and activities and those that have changed or no longer required and the associated changes to budget, risks etc.


Reference no: EM13230664

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