Explain the difference between terrorism and organized crime

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Answer in your own word, Explain the difference between “Terrorism” and “Organized Crime”. Is there a connection between the two? Why or why not? In the past there used to be clearly identifiable lines between the two, now these lines are blurred. Why is this?

Reference no: EM13505867

Advantages of using peer interventions with adolescents

Describe the advantages of using peer interventions with adolescents. What does the research tell you about the value of using peer interventions with adolescents? Use the i

Reference group that has influenced your attitudes-behavior

Describe one ingroup you belong to and what its outgroup would be. Describe one reference group that has influenced your attitudes and behavior and explain why it had this inf

Sociology different from the study of psychology

What make the study of sociology different from the study of psychology? How did the early theorists find acceptance and support for their theories by the society of the times

E-activity article-media portrays women as sexual objects

From the first e-Activity article, discuss whether you agree or disagree with the article’s premise that the media portrays women as sexual objects. Describe the boundaries

Diet impact cardiovascular disease occurrences

1. How do regional differences in diet impact cardiovascular disease occurrences? 2. Why do individuals from different cultures or regions differ in the occurrence of cardiac

Discussing the major causes of world war

A 5 page paper discussing the major causes of World War 1, the economic ramifications of World War , and how Europe was different, politically and economically after Worl

What advice should you give teresa

Teresa is very upset by this assessment and tells you that she refuses to pay "another dime" and she wants to take this "all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary." Wha

Functions does stratification system perform for societies

According to Davis and Moore, what functions does the stratification system perform for societies? Pick one conflict theorist, such as Marx, Chambliss or Mills. What makes t


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