Explain the difference between determinism and compatibilism

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PowerPoint Presentation

Using either Microsoft PowerPoint or Open Office Impress,

• Create a presentation with ten or more slides which explain the differences between Determinism, Compatibilism (Soft Determinism), and Libertarianism. Pretend that you are preparing this information for someone who has never heard these terms and, therefore, will need a lot of information in order to understand.

• On the last slide, explain which of the three theories seems the most logical to you and why.

• Post your presentation to the Discussion Forum (W4 Assignment: How Free Are You?)

• Review and comment on at least two other students' presentations. Besides commenting on what you enjoyed about the presentations that you reviewed, make at least one suggestion that would help your classmate if he or she has to create another presentation in the future.

If you would like to add audio, that is fine, but it is not required. Finally, please do not use anything other than your textbook as a source for this presentation.

Reference no: EM131360106

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