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More than any other.. this second decade of our new millennium looks set to be the decade of advanced strategic planning . During this second decade businesses will continue to compete tooth and nail . In so doing every business must include - in its armory of tools with which to survive - new approaches in collecting , assaying and then managing the procedures by which they accrue and utilize business intelligence

Today the global business arena is a vast inextricably interlinked marketplace. Each graduate candidate in this class is aware that this has resulted from swift advances in communication and transportation. In addition political climates and ideologies - in the United States and around the world - have changed dramatically over the last few decades ( Overseas ... the current circumstances in the Euro zone and with Ukraine ...plus the awful circumstances in the Middle East..... the stellar advances in India and China ...indeed the opening up to the world of China ...all come to mind and have an impact upon the lives of Americans) There has been the reduction in trade barriers around the world which has opened doors to new international opportunities for American business.

However far-sighted American business leaders are all agreed that such changes - whilst beneficial at first glance - have also engendered significant competition to US business interests.

Competition NOT just from the domestic environment , but overseas competition is here in the United states.Today in America it is no longer business as usual . American business today is filled to the gunnels with outstandingly successful overseas competition ...they have , at America's behest, taken up the invitation to " do business in the global marketplace of which America is an integral part" ...and are here in our domestic markets,

To that end all organizations ( American and Overseas ) must be aggressive in identifying " strategic windows of opportunity' to expand their awareness of business opportunities . American organizations must - swiftly - initiate strategic programmes to achieve continuous improvement, creativity and innovation to enhance their competitive position.

This first Learning Team project requires each LT to choose a global organization that operates in, or toward , a part of the United States - an American geographic region chosen by your Learning Team in Week One.

Conduct a situational analysis of/for the organization that includes:

Consideration of broad environmental forces effecting the firm, and its potential for further global expansion from its American base . ( Hint: Consider NAFTA) ;

The company Is Alibaba please answer the question with 400 words Plagairsim Free

Reference no: EM13745497

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