Explain the concept of how transfecting the luciferase

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Explain the concept of how transfecting the luciferase gene plasmid into a cell on an appropriate promoter shows us the level of p53?

Reference no: EM132280056

Factors important for muscle development

What are the transcription factors important for muscle development? i.e. There are different steps to get a muscle fiber, what are the transcription factors that are import

Sympathetic nervous system by mimicking epinephrine

Ephedrine is a drug which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system by mimicking epinephrine with subsequent stimulation of the production of cAMP by adenylyl cyclase. Why i

Compute total distance traveled in and speed of diffusion

When doing the diffusion lab where you add blue and red dye to the corn syrup. Estimate the molecular weight of the blue and red dye compute the total distance traveled in (mm

What is the map distance between the two

We wish to check if two RFLP markers in corn are linked. RFLP1 can be found in 4,000 bp and 5,000 bp lengths while RFLP2 can be found in a 3,000 bp and 6,000 bp. A homozygot

Efforts to preserve biodiversity

Efforts to preserve biodiversity, though intended to reducehuman influence on the environment, might interfere with thenatural process of change and evolution. Do you agree? W

Emergency medical technicians properly immobilize

Jillian is thrown from a horse. She strikes the ground with her chin, causing severehyperextensionof the neck. Emergency medical technicians properly immobilize her neck and

Demonstrate the transforming principle is dna

How might 32 P and 35 S be used to demonstrate that the transforming principle is DNA? Briefly outline an experiment that would show that DNA rather than protein is the tran

What is the first messenger

Cyclic amp and cGMP are common 2nd messengers; what is the first messenger? A single molecule ______ can create an amplification effect because it acts via the 2nd messenger m


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