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The paper on coca cola company and dont forget the citations and the references.

Could you please write strategic analysis paper has seven parts as described below: around 7 pages and provide all citations and references and should be current references not old?

1- Abstract summarize the main points of your strategic analysis and would be better if you write it after you finish the paper

An abstract is a brief summary of your Strategic analysis Paper that will be used to help the reader quickly ascertain the paper''s purpose. abstract at less 250 words

2- Corporate Governance

Analyze the goals do not just list it them but put explaining

• Board of directors (do you think there is the right mix of insiders and outsiders, do the members participate appropriately and are there any issues)
• The company's ownership structure (i.e. is ownership dominated by any single investor, are the largest owners institutional, family, etc.?)
• The top management ( i.e. do senior executives appear to have the appropriate skills and experience to manage the company into the future ?)

3- SWOT Analysis

Analyze all categories of the SWOT explained in your text chapter 4 and 5

--Opportunities& threats: separate your analysis of the company's threats and opportunities at the macro (social) and industry (task) levels

--strengths& weaknesses: spate your analysis of the company's strengths and weaknesses into the following categories:
• Corporate structure
• Corporate culture & Recourses (also known as functional areas).

--State whether the company is part of strategic group and whether it acts similarly or differently from others in that group.is this strength or weakness?
? You may choose to put your SWOT into table format please. Below is an example of a table to use .Be sure to give enough explanation of the item to be understood ( do not just say ‘high inflation" or something like that) and provide references for information you include
? Be thorough; cover all categories of the SWOT.

? Be sure to use at least five sources for your information and include citations in the text for specific data.

4- Strategic posture state the company mission

- Explain the company competitive positioning and cooperative strategies
- Explain three of company's successful corporate parenting strategies
- State 3 key objectives for the company and explain on strategy the company is pursuing to achieve each of the three objectives

-Explanation of the competitive and cooperative strategies your project company is pursuing.
-Describe the strategies, give examples of how the company has implemented them, and speculate whether or not they will be successful given the company''s industry dynamics. Explain your reasoning in detail. State the company''s competitive positioning strategy and give examples of the activities it undertakes that support your conclusions.

-An example of how to prepare this assignment can be found in JC Penney sample audit in the Examples of Completed Strategic Audits folder under the Learning Modules tab. The example represents a complete paper, but you should consult the Competitive and Cooperative Strategies section only as a benchmark for this assignment

5- Corporate Parenting Strategies

-Description of at least three corporate parenting strategies implemented within your project company.

- Provide clear examples of how corporate level executives are involved in these strategies and how they support the company''s overall strategic direction. -Describe these strategies and explain whether or not you believe they are appropriate for the company to succeed.

6-Key Issue

This is the one most important issue facing the company

-identify the key issue facing the company at this moment .you must state and explain the one issue that you feel is most important to the company's future success ( examples could be a competitive threat, recent Strike, lake of cash flow, unhealthy corporate culture, ect)

In this section, explain what the key issue is, how you identified it, and why it is so important to the company's future success.

7- Recommendation

Explain the following

• What is you recommend directional strategy for the company's key divisions or business units?

• What is your recommended competitive positioning strategy for the company?

• What are the skills / professional experiences you feel are most important for CEO of this company ?

• Appendices:

• Relevant financial information , market share data , and references should be presented in appendices and referred to and discussed appropriately throughout the paper

Note: poor grammar, lack of references, typos, etc. Not allowed

Be careful, run spell- check and grammar check before submitting be sure to also check your work yourself as word may miss an error

Yahoo finance can be a good source of initial information financial and information for Corporate Governance

Please concentrate on 3) SWOT marco is very important part and put in in table and 4)Strategic posture and 5) Corporate Parenting Strategies

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Reference no: EM13837701

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