Explain stock solution of a food dye having a concentration

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Given a stock solution of a food dye having a concentration of 1.0 x 10-5 and an absorbance of 0.700. If a new solution is made by diluting exactly 10.0 mL of the solution with exactly 44.4 mL of distilled water, what should the absorbance of the new solution be?

Reference no: EM13227988

Find the concentration of the naoh in the resulting solution

Suppose 25.0 g of solid NaOH is added to 1.5 L of an aqueous solution that is already 2.4 M in NaOH. Then water is added until the final volume is 4.00 L. Determine the conc

Find out the rate constant for the reaction

The frequency factor as well as the activation energy for a chemical reaction are A=8.0x10-12 cm3/(molecule*s) and Ea=15.7 kJ/mol at 309 K, respectively. Find out the rate c

What are the vapor pressures of pure a and b

Question- A solution with a total pressure of 1 bar, is made up of two compounds A and B. The mole fraction of A in the liquid phase is 0.25 and the mole fraction of A in th

How pots and pans transfer heat

Shape and materials influence how pots and pans transfer heat. While durable and relatively inexpensive, thin ________ can develop hot spots. Pans made of ________ are good at

Explain aggressively destroy cancerous cells

aggressively destroy cancerous cells. If a 2.10 kg mass of body tissue exposed to the radiation absorbed 3.60x105 beta particles, and the RBE factor is 0.80, how many REMS d

Explain the equilibrium concentration of hg2+

Assuming that the total volume of the solution does not change after 12.0 moles of HCl are added to 1.0 L of a solution containing 1.0 mole of Hg2+ ion, calculate the equili

Calculate the total pressure of the mixture

A gas mixture being used to simulate the atmosphere of another planet consists of 324 mg of methane, 217 mg of argon, and 228 mg of nitrogen.

Explain a feed mixture of ethanol and water

A feed mixture of ethanol and water is 40 mole % ethanol. The feed is at 200 degrees Celcius and is at a high enough pressure that it is liquid. It is input into the column


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