Explain stock solution of a food dye having a concentration

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Given a stock solution of a food dye having a concentration of 1.0 x 10-5 and an absorbance of 0.700. If a new solution is made by diluting exactly 10.0 mL of the solution with exactly 44.4 mL of distilled water, what should the absorbance of the new solution be?

Reference no: EM13227988

Depict a cartoon of how three molecules might be arranged

The interactions between water molecules can be define as electrostatic or coulombic where areas of positive charge are attracted to areas of negative charge. Depict a carto

Molarity of the acid

If 37.89 mL of 2.0 M sodium hydroxide are used to titrate a 45.00 mL sample of sufuric acid, what is the molarity of the acid? Enter only the number rounded to the correct num

Compute the pressure of the hydrogen gas

Assume you carry out an experiment when the atmospheric pressure is 765mmHg and the temp in 24 degrees C. you collect Hydrogen gas and want to know the pressure of the gas

Mixture containing anisole

Mixture containing anisole (A), benzyl alcohol (B) and aniline (C) was dissolved in chloroform. Next two extractions were performed first using HCl then with NaOH.  Which of t

What was the final volume of water on the buret

A volume of water was delivered using a buret and experimentally determined to have a mass of 2.00-g. What was the final volume of water on the buret if the inital was 0.44-

What is the half reaction for the deposition of silver

A constant electric current deposits 0.365 g of silver metal in 12960 seconds from a solution of silver nitrate. What is the current? What is the half reaction for the depos

Calculate the heat of the reaction

During an experiment, a student adds .339 g of calcium metal to 100.0 mL of 2.05 M HCl. The student observes a temperature increase of 11.0 °C for the solution. Assuming the

Sketch the voltaic cell label the anode and cathode

A voltaic cell that uses the reaction- Tl3+(aq) + 2Cr2+(aq) → Tl+(aq) + 2Cr3+(aq) , has a measured standard cell potential of + 1.19 V. Write the two half-cell reactions.


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