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Respond to the quotation below. Be sure to cite the book and to mention events and ideas in the book that would explain Sara's views of these issues. Keep in mind that Jesus and his companions were not Christians, much less Catholic or Baptist.

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"Sara may be well-intentioned, but she and St. Gregory's are going about things the wrong way. You're not supposed to let just anyone who wants to, take communion, much less pray the words of consecration over toast when your friend and former lover is dying, you don't baptize people after they take communion, you don't baptize children just because they ask, you don't 'marry' a person of the same sex and you don't 'lay hands' on people and pray for them without having received the authority to do so. And the pantry is not 'church'; you need a valid liturgy and authorized clerics for that. Sara has simply allowed her leftist politics, concern for outcasts, and the 'liberation theology' of Jesuits like Martin-Baro to overcome her good sense. People need rules; that's why we have them in the first place. If we don't have rules, people will do whatever they want, and then where will we be?"

Reference no: EM13214618

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