Explain role of informal institutions in growth of business

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1. Full form of GDP and what is the difference between GDP and GDP per Capita

2. Define or explain Purchase Power Parity in two lines

3. Which of these are Formal Institutions and Informal Institutions

a. Laws

b. Ethics

c. Culture

d. Regulations

e. Norms

f. Rules

4. Name two countries under Theocratic Laws

5. Name at least two of the three kinds of economies

6. Name two characteristics each of Low Context and High Context cultures

7. Expand SWOT and VRIO

8. Name at least two out of 3 each of the Classic Based Theories and Firm Based Theories

9. Difference between Horizontal and Vertical FDI

10. In foreign exchange terminology what is spot and forward

11. Draw a 5 point VRIO chart for Swiggy

12. Explain the impact both negative and positive on a strong rupee on Indian Economy

13. Explain the role of informal institutions in the growth of business in any country.

Reference no: EM132184754

How much does harrison need to know about operations

Prepare a worksheet of operations activities that Harrison should inquire about this summer and to manage the firm, how much does Harrison need to know about operations? Why?

Assembly line worker making cars be evaluated

How should the performance of an assembly line worker making cars be evaluated? How should the performance of a marketing executive for the same company be evaluated? Why do y

Tray has a t-shirt business that buys shirts

Tray has a T-shirt business that buys shirts from a wholesaler for four dollars each and sells them to retailers for eight dollars each. He imprints each shirt with a pictur

Determine optimal allocation of budget to radio advertising

A company wants to advertise one of its new products through a media company on radio and TV. The budget is limited to $10,000 per month. Each minute of radio advertising cost

Thomas violate the free exercise clause of first amendment

Thomas worked in the nonmilitary operations of a large firm that produced both military and nonmilitary goods. When the company discontinued the production of nonmilitary good

Ensure that the system can work under maximum load

You can use Internet resources, peer-reviewed journals, and reputable, published articles, and you may interview an executive of a healthcare facility that has implemented a

Describe the direct labor analysis

Labor costs of an auto mechanic are seldom based on actual hours worked. (Many of us realize this when we have serviced our automobiles). Instead, the amount paid a mechanic i

What does this statement mean

One of the rules of negotiation is to prevent the negotiation strategy from reaching a point of having two mutually exclusive positions regarding proposals. What does this


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