Explain ozone reacts completely with no

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Ozone reacts completely with NO, producing NO2 and O2. A 10.0L vessel is filled with .280 mol of NO and .280 mol of O3 at 350K. Find the partial pressure of each produce and the total pressure in the flask at the end of the reaction.

Reference no: EM13542684

How many grams of water were released

Copper carbonate hydrate produces 1 mole of water (MW = 18.015 g/mol) was for every mole of solid product (MW = 79.545 g/mol) produced.  Given that 3.327 g of product was prod

State process the volume of the balloon changes

A hot air balloon is inflated to its full extent by heating the air inside it. In the final stages of this process the volume of the balloon changes from 4.00 x 10^6 L to 4.

Define resonalble structure for the starting alkane

An alkane with a molecular formula of c18h18 reacts with chlorine in the presence of light and heat to give a single monochloride c8h17cl. What is the most resonalble struct

Which statement is wrong about the hydrolysis

How concentration become 8 times if volume is half and concentration is doubled - In the long from of the periodic table, the valance shell electronic configuration of 5s25p4

Compute the standard e0 cell

Using standard reduction potentials, calculate the standard E0 cell, (emf), for each of the following reactions. 1. Show half reactions 2. Balance and gain electrons 3. Write

Evaluate the mass defect in fe-56

Calculate the mass defect in Fe-56 if the mass of an Fe-56 nucleus is 55.921 amu. The mass of a proton is 1.00728 amu and the mass of a neutron is 1.008665 amu. Answer 3.507

Compute the pressure of h2o at equilibrium in the reaction

Compute the pressure (in atm) of H2O(g) at equilibrium in the reaction vessel at temperature T if the initial pressures of H2O(g) as well as Cl2O(g) are both equal to 2.8x10

Explain the gas expands at constant temperature

A 22.0 L volume of an ideal gas in a cylinder with a piston is at a pressure of 3.0 atm. Enough weight is suddenly removed from the piston to lower the external pressure to


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