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Explain organizational culture. In your explanation include the different elements of culture, how a culture forms, and the affect it has on project management. 200 words

• Your company is planning to construct a nuclear power plant in Oregon. Why is stakeholder analysis important as a precondition of the decision whether or not to follow through with the plan? Conduct a stakeholder analysis for a planned upgrade to a successful software product. Who are the key stakeholders? 200 words

  • What are the characteristics of projects, and why are projects important? Use examples if necessary. 200 words
  • Why are more and more companies adopting project management as a way of life? 200 words

• Project management techniques have been used successfully for a wide variety of efforts, including the many NASA space missions, huge construction projects, implementation of major systems like ERP, movie production, the development of new products and services, theatrical productions, and much more. Why not use them for managing the operations function of any business? Please use examples to support your answer. You may use examples from your own organization. 200 words

• The lines between leading and managing are sometimes blurred in practice. What factors (e.g., technology, the economy, etc.) do you believe are responsible for making this distinction so vague? 75 word

• If you were creating a project team for an organization, what kinds of factors would you take into consideration in deciding the composition of the team? Would these factors be different if you were putting together a problem-solving team? Why, or why not? 75 words

• Is there a cause-and-effect relationship between leader behavior and follower performance? What is the nature of the direction of the relationship? How strong is the relationship? Please use examples from personal experience to support your position? 75 words

• What is the difference between functional and dysfunctional conflict? Can conflict that starts off as functional become dysfunctional? Can dysfunctional conflict be changed to functional conflict? 75 words

• Identify the stages of team development. Define the main issues at each stage and the actions that the project can take to assist the team through each stage. 75 words

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Reference no: EM13530886

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