Explain one evolutionary consequence of effects of genetic

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The degree of interactive genetic variation underlying any trait can be affected by the genetic background of the population. What does this mean? Explain one evolutionary consequence of the effects of genetic background on alleles at interacting loci.

Reference no: EM1396794

Clarify and illustrate how the long-term survival

If a cube representing the cell is 5um on a side, compute the surface area to volume ratio, and explain why this is or is not a good size for a cell.

Discoveries in dna cell biology evolution

Discoveries in DNA, cell biology, evolution, biotechnology have been among the major achievements in biology over the past 200 years with accelerated discoveries and insights

Will it increasem decrease or stay the same

You start with a population of cattle in which the heritability of body weight is 0.7. You begin a program of artificial directional selection to increase body weight. You c

How aggregation occur in sickle cell anemia

How does aggregation occur in sickle-cell anemia? Place the steps in the correct order. Note that deoxyhemoglobin is generally in the T state; oxyhemoglobin is in the R state.

Which molecule contains more energy, x or y

What part of the sewage treatment plant deals with insoluble and complex organic wastes? Which molecule contains more energy, X or Y.

How man unique gamete types can be produced in organism

An organism's genome contains four pairs of chromosomes. Assuming that crossing over does not occur, how man unique gamete types can be produced in this organism? What is th

What are the frequencies of the alleles

In flies, a gray body allele (G) is dominant and a black body allele (g) is recessive. If there are 90 black flies in a population of 1000 flies that is in genetic equilibri

How are the forces that produce differences in wealth

The theory of natural selection has been applied to human culture in many different realms. For instance, there is a general belief in the United States that survival of the


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