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As organizations become more diverse and globally connected, it is important to ensure that training is designed and delivered to meet companies' strategic objectives, regardless of location. It is also important to be aware of cultural differences when delivering training and development, along with aligning to strategic goals and objectives. What are some ways in which organizations can ensure that this is done properly? In addition, explain obstacles that organizations may encounter when addressing different cultures in training and development.

Reference no: EM13831975

Bob is arrested at his home

Bob is arrested at his home. After the police search it as well as seize certain property to be used as evidence, a judge sets Bob's bail as required by a state statute as w

Pv of a future stream of benefits

Using a 3% discount rate, which is economically preferable? (Hint: the formula for the PV of a future stream of benefits into perpetuity is PV = Annual Payment / Discount Ra

Designing a new divisional performance

Explain, using examples from the scenario, three issues that LMN should consider when designing a new divisional performance statement. LMN is thinking of introducing Activi

Communicating the change

An important part of any change project is how the change is communicated to the organization, to the change agents, to the line workers, to the customers, and to the public

Presentation on the health risks

Pretend that you are participating in a public safety awareness forum and that you have been selected to deliver a presentation on the health risks of one of the toxic subst

Anything that decreases revenues or increases costs

All cash flow projections are just that projections. They are estimates of future cash flows. In order to incorporate risk one must think of what will cause the cash flow pr

Methods of compensation of factory workers

A test of three methods of compensation of factory workers. The methods are hourly wage, incentive pay, and weekly salary. The dependent variable is direct labor cost per un

Expanding international operations

Identify at least one potential disadvantage to initiating, continuing, and/or expanding international operations. Identify one action that you would recommend in order to o


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