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Network Security Management-flow diagram, assets and detail of functions (see case study MIIS after questions). I have completed the assets and flow diagrams and interfaces.

Homework Question
1. Start the systems engineering on the for MIIS, based on the prior homework assignments:

a. Decompose MIIS into the basic functions that are required: provide a brief description of each component, and put together a MIIS functional architecture diagram that shows these functions, the interfaces among the functions, and the interfaces to things outside of MIIS.
b. Create an Information Asset Inventory of all the security critical data items in MIIS. Note that these assets should be an important subset of all the IT assets.
c. For each item in the Information Asset Inventory, identify all the functions that it used in and every interface it goes over. This will help to see where each of the information assets has to be protected: the places where it is stored, and the places where it is "in transit" This is key step in the security engineering for the homework and for the project.
d. Use the set of prioritized risks from last week as the basis for a set of security requirements for MIIS. These priorities should have been based on the combination of impact and likelihood, with the most important (highest impact, highest likelihood) as the highest priority. Since the list is prioritized, you can shorten the list by eliminating the least important ones such as the low/low, low/medium, medium/low impact/likelihood risks (assuming you used at least a 3 choice scale for impact and likelihood, and low, medium are the two lowest points on the scale). Be clear, however, about which risks you are dropping. This is primarily to save work on this and the next homework. In practice, you may or may not drop the lowest priority risks.
e. Allocate these requirements to the appropriate elements of the MIIS functional architecture in part a of this homework.

Reference no: EM1367259

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