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A hard disk contains four Platters. Each side of the platter is coated with a magnetic oxide, allowing data to be stored on it. The platters are 3.5 inches in diameter. If the hard disk has a capacity of 800 GB and 80% of the platter surface is used for data storage, what is the bit density per square inch?

Reference no: EM13138399

How many 1000-mw generating plants running constantly

A U.S Department of Energy report estimates that over 100billion kWH/year can be saved in the United States by variousenergy conservation techniques applied to the pump-driv

Find the maximum torque on an orbiting charged particle

Find the maximum torque on an orbiting charged particle if the charge is 1.60E-19C, the circular path has a radius of 0.5E-10m, the angular velocity is 4E16 RAD/S, and B=0.4

Determine the number of data points used by the fft

Determine the number of data points used by the FFT algorithm and actual frequency resolution in Hz, assuming that the data samples are available for selecting the number of

Calculate the motor phase currents and line currents

A three-phase 5 hp, 208 V motor has an efficiency of 92%, and a power factor of 0.87 (lagging) when it runs at full power. Calculate the motor phase currents and line curren

Develop the frequency spectrum

Determine the output expression for a multiplier with one sinusoidal input having a peak voltage of 0.2 V and a frequency of 2200 kHz and the other input having a peak volta

Analyze the rlc circuit to determine the real power

Analyze the RLC circuit to determine the Zeqand Real Power. Construct the circuit in MultiSIM and run a Single Frequency Analysis to confirm your calculations for phasor valu

Write verilog behavioral dataflow model for expandable alu

Write a Verilog behavioral dataflow model for a 4-bit expandable ALU. Create it using a hierarchical description that includes a behavioral dataflow model of an expandable 1

Prove that they have a cm frame

[Hint: As you should explain, this is equivalent to showing that the sum of two four-vectors, one of which is forward light-like and one forward time-like, is itself forward


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