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Answer should be original, and similarity (plagiarism) not more than 10% this is very important otherwise I will be in trouble.

Answer should be a clear explanation and should be clear understanding (500 words).

Answer should be references on Harvard style (Not use Wikipedia) should be Academic Articles or books.

When use citation from any reference please keep it between "citation" (Author,Year),please citation should be not more than 5%

As reference you can use the following book: Chapman, N. and Chapman, J. (2009), Digital Multimedia, 3rd edition, John Wiley & Sons, ISBN10: 0470858907 ISBN13: 978-0470858905

Assignment is: By considering the following questions, discuss their impact on your society. Is the Web (and Web multimedia) is changing users collectively or individually in profound or superficial ways? Can we see new cultural values being shaped or sub-cultures being formed which may permanently affect our cultural values?

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Reference no: EM13307016

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