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Explain Kuznets’s inverted-U hypothesis. Find appropriate data of one country from either Asia, Africa or South America for five consecutive years to construct the Kuznets curve for that country. Show the curve graphically and explain why it supports or does not support the hypothesis. Remember to provide citation of your source of data.

Reference no: EM131088638

Minimum average cost is referred to as the capacity of firm

The point of minimum average cost is referred to as the capacity of the firm. Yet we draw the average cost curve extending both to the left and to the right of this point. The

The firm makes a profit and pre-tax profit

A firm makes and sells a computer for $1000. The variable cost to produce a computer, for the range of production of the firm, is $3000 per unit. The total fixed costs per yea

The increase in government purchases on aggregate demand

When comparing a $100 billion increase in government purchases to a $100 billion decrease in tax revenue, the effect of the increase in government purchases on aggregate deman

Including a standard budget constraint for comparison

Let’s compare the incentives generated by two different types of public programs. The Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC welfare before reform) provides an income s

Consider the salaries to be reasonable based

Ed and his wife Kathie own all of the stock of Crispin, Inc. Kathie is the president and Ed is the vice president. Kathie and Ed are paid salaries of $500,000 and $350,000, re

Source of competitive advantage are align and differentiate

Three tests for any source of competitive advantage are align, differentiate, and add value. Discuss whether these tests are difficult to pass. Can compensation really be a so

Dollar bill was exchanged during legal transactions

At the end of the third quarter of 2015, the money supply in the U.S. was $2 trillion. That is, the available currency and deposits in the U.S. during July, August, and Septem

Events influence GDP

How do the following events influence GDP? Each of five mothers living in a neighborhood takes care of her pre-school child in her own home. The mothers share the childcare wo


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