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Wite 4 paragrahs read description below:

After reading the stories: "The Killers", "A Rose for Emily", "The Tell Tale Heart", and "I Stand Here Ironing", I'd like you to draft an Inquiry Response Paper (IRP) focusing on question #11 from the McMahan text.

The question reads: "Does the author's style affect your response to your understanding of the work? If so, how would you describe the style? For example, what is the tone? Is it ironic, satirical, somber, light, wry, humorous, or simply neutral? Is the sentence construction fairly simple or elaborate? Can you detect a rhythm? Are the words familiar or fancy? Does the style create a mood? Do you think the style is important in contributing to the effectiveness of the work?

For each story, you are to write one paragraph outlining what you believe is the author's style. Please post the 4 paragraphs (1 for each story)

An Inquiry Response Paper (IRP) is a written reflection that responds to and inquires about the world a particular story, poem or play evokes or recreates; so "inquiry" and "response" are just what the words denote. An Inquiry Response Paper is a very important paper for you because it will help you write your final analysis paper for this short story section. ***[If by reading the first four stories in this section you feel you want to begin your FINAL ANALYSIS PAPER early, please just email me, and we'll discuss it. There are three more weeks of short stories, but if any of these initial stories are calling to you for a "wider" analysis, by all means consider exploring it in depth using the IRP as a vehicle for your reflections.]

An IRP is a paper that "inquires" about the text you are reading. In order for you to better understand the short stories that have been assigned, I ask that you prepare "a written inquiry" to the piece. Every week, under the "What is your writing assignment for this week"you will see a question that you must answer when drafting your IRP. The questions, as you will come to learn, are very broad. The questions are meant to make you think about the story and apply all that you have learned in your life -- personal experiences, schooling, prejudices, likes, dislikes, opinions, etc. -- to the answer. These inquiries are a kind of "mind dump". You will be focused on a particular aspect because of the question, however, you can write anything you feel about the text.

For instance:

If you don't understand the story or the question, explain in your IRP what it is about the story you don't understand.
If you don't like the story for some reason, explain in your IRP why you don't like the story.
If you feel a need to focus on any of the other questions on page 20-21 in the McMahan text, please do so. Before you begin the IRP, please let me know your intentions.

No answer is incorrect. If you do not do the assignment, I will assume that you have not been doing the readings.

An Inquiry Response Paper (IRP) is a beginning to your analysis paper.

At the end of the short story section, you will be writing an analysis paper. In the analysis paper, you will be developing a thesis statement as to a certain "aspect" of a particular short story. For example, if you want to study the meaning of "heart" in "The Tell Tale Heart", your analysis paper would analyze "heart." Any and all writing you do in your IRPs can be enhanced in your analysis paper. Therefore, your IRP becomes, most times, the beginning or the basis for your analysis papers. Remember you will have a analysis paper due for each area of study: short story, drama, and poetry.

Reference no: EM13876929

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