Explain how your theory works view longer description

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The purpose of this exercise is to help you see how you communicate"

Communication is critical to our daily life. In order to understand how we communicate we need to develop a communication theory. Your text lists several theories. Review these theories and select the one that you feel best describes how you feel we communicate.

Term Paper Instruction

The Journal articles are your term papers. Each Term Paper should be 12 font size (3 using class) Times New Roman or Veranda font. You need to cover each of the topics listed below. The text does not have sufficient material to answer the question. You will have to use the internet, school libraries, the lecture, or other sources to write you paper. When you use materials from other sources you need to remember to attribute the intellectual material to the individual or source. I do not require a specific format.

To place an article in the term paper you will need to either write it in Word or write it directly into the Term Paper. If you chose to write your paper in Word you will need to copy it into the term paper text box. You also have the option of writing directly into the text box.

Assignment: Select a Communication Theory from the following that in your opinion best describes how you communicate. Your choices are Social Exchange Theory, Attraction Theory, Equity Theory, Relationship Dialectic Theory, Social Penetration Theory, or Relationship Rules Theory. Using the lecture, the internet, the text, or other sources to explain how this theory applies to your communication.

Explain how your theory works view longer description.

Explain how your communication will be improved by your theory.

Explain the social aspects of your theory. view longer description.

Decribe how your theory works in a business setting. view longer description.

Reference no: EM131136916

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