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Demonstrate competency in explaining a concept taught in SSC201e, extend on its breadth and/or depth of knowledge of the particular concept via additional sources of information and to evaluate the strengths and limitation of the selected sources of information.

You are to identify and utilise TWO reference materials. This can take the following forms (i), (ii) or (iii):

i) Two case studies from newspaper articles (online or print) or articles from an established magazine (such as Time magazine, Newsweek, etc.)

ii) Two journal articles from any of the school's subscribed journal databases or from Google scholar

iii) One case study and one journal article

(Note that this assignment also assesses your competency in finding relevant academic material. Hence, do not use one already presented as part of the course material or by your tutor.)

Using both materials, discuss ONE of the following concepts:

- Conflict Management Styles

- Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

a) Explain the selected concept/theory by outlining the key perspectives and arguments based on your understanding of the course material. You may find it helpful to use examples or to refer to relevant literature to help you with your explanation and to avoid plain repetition from the course materials.

b) Discuss the key perspectives and arguments as presented by both selected materials regarding the concept. In your discussion, you should also explain how your selected materials extend or challenge your understanding of the concept based on the course material (e.g. what are the additional points/arguments that are raised which have enhanced your understanding of the concept? Is the discussion of the concept based on a specific context or group which you knew little of based on your initial course material?

Have the selected pieces attempted to provide a different perspective?).

c) Evaluate the perspectives and key arguments presented by both selected materials. Depending on your selected materials, you would find it useful to consider some or all of these questions: Which resource of the selected two do you find more convincing and why? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of the selected materials? Are the arguments presented balanced or one-sided? Would the arguments/points raised by either or both materials concerning the concept hold true in another setting or cultural context? Which aspects of the concept/theory have not been adequately addressed by your selected materials? You are encouraged to raise other relevant examples from your personal experience or from other reference materials to substantiate your evaluation.

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Reference no: EM13693313

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