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Part 1 - Essay

After reviewing the information above, construct a 200-300 word essay addressing each of the following in a separate paragraph:

Describe a situation where you applied the scientific method to solve an "everyday" problem or answer a question.

For this situation, specifically identify and describe how you applied each of the following steps of the scientific method:

Make an observation

Ask a question

Formulate a hypothesis that is both testable and based on the question

Make a prediction

Perform an experiment

Analyze the results of the experiment

Evaluate the hypothesis

In two or three sentences, explain how you would continue the process of the scientific method if your original hypothesis was incorrect.

How do independent and controlled variables (discussed in the video) fit into your idea of how to continue?

In two or three sentences, discuss the importance of the statement "the scientific method is a continuous process."

Cite all sources of information used in your essay appropriately. Do NOT use reference-type websites (e.g., Wikipedia) or internet blogs as information sources

Reference no: EM131423299

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