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Assignment Instructions

The main purpose of this assignment is for you to become familiar with your APA manual, how to use the manual, and what kind of information it contains.

Before completing this assignment, it may be helpful to review the APA tutorial website provided in the Module/Week 1 Reading & Study folder. Use your APA manual while viewing the various slides. This assignment must have a title page, 2-3 pages of content, and a reference page, and it must be in current APA format throughout.

Part 1 - Create a title page.

Based on the information in your current APA manual and in the APA tutorial found in Module/Week 1, create a properly-formatted title page in current APA format that contains the following:

1. Title - format the following text in proper APA style as your title: "lessons learned about writing style."
2. Author note - using your own information, refer to Chapter 2 of your APA manual and create an author note.
3. Running head
4. Page number
5. Your name
6. Institution name

Part 2 - Create a question and answer page.

The next 2-3 pages of your document will contain questions (provided below), with answers (provided by you). Refer to your course materials as needed to create a Level one heading, in current APA format, using the following phrase: "questions and answers."

Next, you will need to create an appropriate Level two heading for each of the questions below. Your Level two headings will be unique and must serve to summarize the question that is being asked. Each must be relevant, be something you created, and identify each question you are answering. Use complete sentences, proper margins, grammar, and punctuation.

1. Where in your APA Publication Manual do you find instructions for the proper formatting for a printed book? For this question, provide the answer and include a properly-formatted example based on your course research textbook.

2. What is the purpose for using different levels of headings in a properly-formatted document and how do you know which heading to use?

3. In your own words, explain what a DOI is. Why is it important to you as a researcher? (Hint: See Chapter 6 in your Publication Manual. Remember, explain this in your own words to show that you understand what you are explaining.)

4. Visit the Jerry Falwell Library online. Browse around on pages that will lead you to information about topics that you are studying. Based on what you find on these pages, what kinds of resources can you access through the Jerry Falwell Library?

5. Suppose you need a resource that is not directly available in the Jerry Falwell Library. Explain how you would acquire a source that you need.

6. Refer to your Publication Manual and provide the page number where you will find information on how to format each of the following:

· Your Introduction to Research textbook?
· The APA Publication Manual?
· A scholarly journal article with a DOI?
· A personal conversation?
· An edited book?

Remember, organize this section of the assignment with appropriate levels of headings. Do not number the questions. Do not include any bullets. Use complete sentences.

Part 3 - Create your reference page.

You will create a reference page, using proper headings, page numbers, margins, indentations, etc., for current APA format for a reference page. Your reference page will list the properly-formatted reference for of each of the following:

· Your Introduction to Research textbook

· The APA Publication Manual

Be sure that the running head and page numbers appear on all pages.

Reference no: EM131082382

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