Explain how to make the net force on filament 2 zero

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Three infinitely-long filaments of current are lined up parallel to the z axis. Filament 1 is on the left, filament 2 is in the middle, and filament 3 is on the right. Filaments 1 and 2 have currents of 1 A in the ba z direction, and filament 3 has a current of 2 A in the ba z direction. If the distance between filaments 1 and 2 is 1 m, what must the distance be between filaments 2 and 3 to make the net force on filament 2 zero? If the net force can't be zero, explain why.

Reference no: EM13256775

What is difference in angle between load voltage and current

a. A load consumes 150kW with a power factor pf = 0.7 (lagging). If the load current is 240A (RMS), find the load voltage. b. An industrial plant has an inductive load wh

Write an expression for i1 of the form of imaginary part

We have v1(t)=10cos(wt+30degrees). The current i1(t) has an rms value of 5A and leads v1(t) by 20s. (The current and the voltage have the same frequency) Draw a phasor diagr

Compute and plot the 128 point fft of a cosine wave

Compare the differences in the FFT result. Explain why even though the inputs to both FFTs are the same cosine waves, the shapes of the FFTs are different. Calculate, plot a

Determine what is the exit velocity of a nozzle

air expands through a nozzle at a rate of 1kg/sec. the outlet is at 15kpa and the inlet is at 400kpa,150degree and 35m/sec. assuming the process to be reversible and adiabat

Calculate applied voltage and the electric field for pmos

For the PMOS, calculate the applied voltage and the electric field (at the Si-SiO2 interface) to make the silicon surface intrinsic. What is the depletion width in this case

Detrmine amplitude and phase angle of each component

a) Detrmine Frequency response of a 3rd order high-pass filter having a cutoff freq at 150hz. b) Detrmine freq response function of 4th order low-pass filter ahving cutoff fre

Detrmine the phase angles of the two frequency components

The output/ input of a system is 30dB. detrmine the ratio Express x(t)=4*cos(100*t-45)+ 2*cos(250*t+30) in terms of exponential functions Then Detrmine the phase angles(in d

Calculate the output for each system for given input

The signal x(t)=10cos(t)+10sin(10t) is input into the following systems: a) \(H(s)=100/(s^{2}+10s+100)\) b) \(H(s)=s^{2}/(s^{2}+10s+100)\) calculate the output for each system


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