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Implementation and presentation

Performance objective

Using the Sydney Opera House corporate documents as well as additional information provided, you will develop an implementation plan and monitoring strategy to achieve targets.

For this assessment you will also communicate sustainability requirements to Sydney Opera House employees (other learners acting as employees) by developing and delivering a presentation or training session.

Assessment description

For this assessment task, you will review corporate information available from the Sydney Opera House and use the targets provided to develop an implementation plan and monitoring strategy to meet those targets.

Then, using your implementation plan, the Sydney Opera House Environmental Sustainability Policy, and other Sydney Opera House documentation, develop a 10-15 minute presentation or training session to deliver to internal employees (other learners acting as employees) of the Sydney Opera House. You should outline the Sustainability Policy and what it means to Opera House staff. As part of this presentation, you must describe how the revised processes will be implemented and managed.

You will need to promote the policy and its expected outcomes and explain how the outcomes affect key stakeholders.

You will also need to assign and outline responsibilities for using recording systems to track sustainability improvements.


Part A

You will develop an implementation plan and monitoring strategy to meet Sydney Opera House targets provided.

• Review the Sydney Opera House vision, mission, goals and policies, especially the Environmental Sustainability Policy. These documents are available from the Corporate Information page at.

• Complete a sustainability implementation plan (using the template provided in Appendix 2) to implement the Sydney Opera House sustainability policy and meet the sustainability targets set out in Appendix 1. In the implementation plan, include:

• two or more actions for each target (listed in Appendix 1)
• at least one action that involves staff training
• at least one action that involves communication to staff through a presentation.
• Develop a monitoring strategy (using the template provided in Appendix 3) for meeting the targets that includes:
• key outcomes expected for each action and person
• metrics/key performance indicators for each action
• a method of gathering and recording data on sustainability performance.
• Arrange a meeting with your assessor to explain the actions you've chosen and gain approval for actions from your assessor. You and your assessor will also need to discuss and agree upon a method of recording audience feedback (eg feedback questionaires) to your presentation or training delivered in Part B of this task.

• Submit the implementation plan and monitoring strategy to your assessor. Ensure you keep copies for your records. You will need to refer to this implementation plan in Part B of this task as well as in Assessment Task 3.

Part B

Using your implementation plan, you will develop a presentation or training session for Sydney Opera House employees. Your aim is to use the presentation or training to improve resource efficiency at the Sydney Opera House.

• Using your implementation plan, choose to either design and deliver a presentation (according to the action that involves communication to staff through a presentation) or a training session (according to the action that involves staff training) to Sydney Opera House staff.
• Review the organisational structure (see Appendix 4) to determine the appropriate audience for the presentation or training session.
• Develop a 10-15 minute presentation or training session in accordance with your implementation plan. Design the presentation or training to improve resource efficiency in some area (e.g. how to use new waste systems in the cafe) and include a short procedure to help achieve targets in the implementation plan.
• During either your presentation or training you will need to include:
• a brief description of the Sydney Opera House Environmental Sustainability Policy and its expected outcomes for stakeholder groups (you can access the Environmental Sustainability Policy
• an outline of Sydney Opera House systems and procedures that relate to sustainability
• information for staff as to what their responsibilities are, what activities they are to carry out and what outcomes are expected
• additional time (5-10 minutes) for questions and comments from staff.
• Distribute feedback questionnaires (if this is your method of measuring your audience's understanding and engagement) and collect these at the completion of your presentation/training. Ensure you keep copies of questionnaires or other form of measuring audience feedback for use in Assessment Task 3.

Assessment Specifications
You must submit this assessment after session 2. Your Trainer will provide you with the date for submission as per Assessment Outcome Record.
You must, electronically where possible:
• submit an implementation plan (no more than 250 words)
• submit a monitoring strategy (no more than 250 words)
• submit a short procedure (no more than 250 words)
• deliver a presentation/training session to employees (other learners acting as employees) (students may use PowerPoint as an option)
• address comments and questions from employees (other learners acting as employees)
• submit notes, PowerPoint presentation slides, handouts and any other materials used to support the presentation
• collect feedback from audience members (other learners acting as employees).
Your assessor will be looking for:
• reading skills to interpret and evaluate Sydney Opera House organisational documents
• writing skills to prepare documentation appropriate to context and audience
• oral communication skills to present information and seek advice using questioning and listening skills
• work skills to:
• monitor organisational policies and procedures
• use appropriate conventions and protocols when communicating with stakeholders
• sequence and schedule activities, monitor implementation and manage communication
• knowledge of Sydney Opera House sustainability systems and procedures
• knowledge of typical barriers to implementing policies and procedures and possible strategies to address them.

Assessment Outcomes
• To complete the requirements of this Task students you must undertake and provide evidence as per Assessment Specification section above.
• the assessment evidence submitted must be authentic, i.e is 100% of your own work and not plagiarized (Refer students to handbook for guidance on how to avoid plagiarism). If plagiarism is suspected, your Trainer/Assessor will use the RTO plagiarism software to authenticate the work. Disciplinary action occurs as a result of plagiarism.
• Where the assessor determines that the work submitted by a student is not their own work, they will report this to the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO will investigate the issue and if plagiarism or cheating is confirmed, the student's work will not be taken into account in determining the student's competence in the relevant unit. Students are able to utilize Dalton College's complaints and appeals procedure if they wish to contest the decision
• If your Assessor does not receive sufficient evidence for this task, you will be provided the opportunity to resubmit.
• If after resubmitting your Assessor still has not received sufficient evidence you will be required to re-enrol for the whole unit of competency.

Attachment:- Assessment-Task-2.rar

Reference no: EM132306207

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