Explain how the drive state affects behavior

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The Drive State.4pages

To prepare for this assignment, complete the following:

Choose one of the drive states-sleep, reproductive, or ingestive (eating)-that is most relevant to your professional interests or goals.

Look for peer-reviewed research articles on the topic. You will need at least three relevant resources to use in this assignment to support your work.


For the drive state you have selected, complete the following:

Describe the biological mechanisms involved in this drive.

Explain how the drive state affects behavior.

Analyze the social and cultural factors that can affect the drive state.

Analyze the ethical issues faced by researchers studying the drive state.

Choose a scenario from within your specialization and describe how an individual's problems with a drive state would impact his or her sphere of activity (for example, athlete, mental health client, employee, student, substance abuser client, professional colleague, a consultant's client, et cetera). What evidence-based intervention or coping mechanism would you recommend?

Additional Requirements

Include a title page and reference page.
Number of pages: 4-6.
At least 3 current scholarly or professional resources.
APA format.
Times New Roman font, 12 pt.

Reference no: EM131175961

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