Explain how natural experiment differs from traditional one
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Please answer the questions below in 200 words or more. They must be original answers with peer verified references, and references must not be part of the word count.

Question 1. Explain how a natural experiment differs from a traditional one by providing an example of each and discussing the differences. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Which design do you think is most useful and why?

Question 2. Of the four types of survey methods discussed in the text - self-administered questionnaire, interview survey, telephone survey and online survey - discuss how each might be applied to your research proposal. Based upon your research question/hypothesis, what do you think would be the most appropriate method of conducting a survey? Why?


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Research comprises "creative and systematic work undertaken to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of humans, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications." According to the American sociologist Earl Robert Babbie, “Research is a systematic inquiry to describe, explain, predict and control the observed phenomenon. Your assignment is completed and submitted. Kindly check and confirm. Thank you.

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