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The Japanese firm Matsushita has a business philosophy from the strong founder Konosuke. This business philosophy was codified as the "Seven Spiritual Values" of Matsushita that all employees learn today. These values are (1) national service through industry, (2) fairness, (3) harmony and cooperation, (4) struggle for betterment, (5) courtesy and humility, (6) adjustment and assimilation, and (7) gratitude. Explain how this influence of culture can affect organizational processes such as the nature of policies and procedures, planning and control, information processing and communication, and decision-making.

Reference no: EM13224691

Which two key inputs listed below affect the way

Which two key inputs listed below affect the way an organization designs its strategic orientation? a. employee effectiveness and morale b. company culture and group interac

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Is currency fluctuation on either or both of your lists? If so, would your protection strategies be the same or different? Explain how you would protect against currency var

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At a local Costco, there are exactly 4 types of ink-jet printers. The weekly demand for printers is estimated to be normally distributed with mean 360. The 4 brands have equ

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What is the standard deviation of the demand during lead time? (recall from statistics that standard deviation is equal to the square root of variance and also that there ar

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One of the most important outputs from the plan procurement process is the procurement statement of work (SOW). Who should write the SOW? How detailed should it be? Why is t

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What will be Doug's mean profit from selling the tickets? What is the probability that Doug will make at least $0 profit? (b) Generate a Decision Table to consider possible

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There are currently three cashiers with dedicated lines (single channel system). The customer arrival rate for a line is 10/hr and the service rate is 12/hr. A newly hired m

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Approximately five vehicles are produced each hour, and management has decided that 20 percent of expected demand should be maintained as safety stock. How many kanban card


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