Explain how eliade uses the concepts of chaos and cosmos

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Write two essays (approximately 3 pages each, typed and double spaced). Be sure to explain your ideas. Try to avoid using quotes. Write in your own words whenever possible. In other words, convince your reader that you have read the material and that you understand the issues discussed in class.

1) Choose a, b or c:

a) "Cosmology" is defined as the theory of the universe and "cosmogony" is the theory of the origin of the universe. Explain how Eliade uses the concepts of "chaos" and "cosmos" to describe the origins of the universe as essentially a mythic or religious account of the work of the gods.


b) Explain Mircea Eliade's notion of "sacred space." What are the essential differences between sacred space and profane space? Give examples of how a non-religious person may experience irruptions of the sacred in the experience of space.


c) In The Sacred and the Profane, Mircea Eliade refers to "sacred time" as "an eternal mythical present." Explain what he means. How is sacred time distinguished from profane or "historical" time?

2) Which of the four paths or "yogas" of Hinduism would you be most inclined to '4"/5 embrace as your spiritual path to the sacred? Explain what you find attractive about this direction, and include in your essay an explanation of the other three paths.

Reference no: EM13759459

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